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Sian Haines
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Family Photo Album

My family- mam, dad, steph and me

My mother
awww! :)

Mom - Karen Haines

My mam has allways lived in north Wales. her maiden name was Hughes then it became Roberts and then it became Haines(when she married my dad), i have to admitt what a name Haines is!!!! Anyways her middle name is Elizabeth but she doesn't like it! She is over 40 (i dont think that she would like me to tell you the axact age).

My dad
i love dolphins

Dad - Barry Haines

My dad first lived in Yorkshire then London and now in North Wales....... He has never changed his last name and has no middle name! He has 2 brothers and one sister and he is an accountant and gets seriously stressed out!!!! Oh and he is over 40 too.

My sister
OKay she you used a lot of graphics with this but its real :)

Little sister - Stephanie Haines

Okay.... my siters full name is Stephanie Anne Haines and she is 15. She is very stubborn just like my mam but she has got my dads temper. Sometimes she can be lazy, and she only looks after herself.

The whole family
awww! look at us all!

Mam. dad, steph and me

Okay, this was taken in a passport machine thing. I must say when me and my sister were baby's we were very chubby.....awwww! I wish i could remember those days.